Sentance Wednesday #1

Hello, world!

I am using the idea of posting a sentence (or more) on Wednesdays from Rebeca’s One Sentence Wednesday meme. For more details please check out her delightful blog Books and Messy Buns.


For my first OSW I choose The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. I choose two sentences out of the five I intended on posting. I did not want to spoil any big themes and I felt the ones I choose might possibly give away a bit to much.

A professional omeletter. (p.15)

It seemed so absurd. So futile. Like polishing firewood. (p. 41)

This book goes between two timelines and the perspective of several characters. When it shifts between characters the tone and feeling of the writing dramatically changes. The first quote is from when the protagonist when she is younger. The idea of mixing omelet and privateer is something that makes sense and would come natural to a child.

The second quote comes from one of the most influential characters that shapes the life of the protagonist. This snippet shows the cynicism that can only be gained through age, experience and pain.