March Madness

Hello world!

March was a busy, chaotic, frustrating month that I do not want to linger on. I will leave that month behind by saying I learned a few lessons about dynamics in families, honesty is not the best policy (it’s okay to tip toe around the truth occasionally), and continuing to make time for yourself because the world would gladly use it all up for its own whims. Now onto updates!


•As of Sunday I have read 14 books out of 20 books I challenged myself to read for my 2016.

•Currently I am reading I am Legend by Richard Matheson.


•I have watched roughly 70 movies so far this year. I feel less movie illiterate and I’d place myself on the scale of movie viewer at a kinder gardener level.

•I have started watching horrors/thrillers/etc. on Sunday. I call this Scary Sunday.


•I wrote profusely in my journal last month and worked on two short stories.


Until next time,



2 thoughts on “March Madness

    • slothsandsweets says:

      I’m glad you agree. It surprises me how many people in my own life wont give themselves 30 minutes to read or write for pleasure.

      My boyfriend loves watching movies and has a huge list of ones he wants to show me.

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